Sunday, 27 March 2011

So Beautiful

Firstly, I'm Michael, I'm 17 (but keep being told I look much younger) and love to play games in my spare time.

So after thinking about this for a long time I concluded my first post should be one which had managed to take my heart and keep me hooked, and that game is Minecraft.
I started playing Minecraft in November after hearing of it numerous times from friends, gaming podcasts and the gaming world in general. I, much like anyone else saw it and it's graphics and dismissed it as just another game that got more attention then it deserved. A few weeks later though, after being bombarded with how good the game was, I decided to buy it - for ten (British) pounds I decided it was worth it. Instantly it captured my heart how even simple pictures such as this one:

Are beautiful, this remains true even now - several months later. Part of this love stems from the fact that every world is completely different that you spawn in - I never know what will be waiting for me over the next hilltop, be it mountains or a serene beach. Although it saddens me that I lost my original world with all my creations in since then, my newest world is steadily growing and once it is large enough, I will show some of the pictures on here.
Until then though I plan to create a new world to play in specifically for this blog. When I have time I will create what I can and upload everything to here, for anyone who cares about a fellow MineCrafter's adventures through a zombie-infested land.

Can't wait for the adventure to start
-  Michael


  1. As you know (I found your blog through your comment) I've stopped blogging. The same day as you started. It is as it should. New bloggers will pop up from the ground and bring enjoyment to the gamer community.

    There was something in this post that made me smile. I think it was the smell of fresh air, of youth and hope and spirit and curiosity.

    I wish you all the best of luck in your upcoming blogging adventures. I hope you'll have as much fun in it as I did.

    hugs from an ex-blogger.

  2. Damn, Larísa beat me here... me she did that too often.

    I also wish you luck and stamina!

  3. Thank you both of you, means a lot :)